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6 East TN communities prepare for liquor votes | News

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6 East TN communities prepare for liquor votes
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6 East TN communities prepare for liquor votes

Pigeon Forge will vote on whether to allow liquor by the drink next month, which will be the third time it has been voted on in the past three years.

The referendum will take place Nov. 6. Currently, Pigeon Forge facilities can sell beer and wine, but not liquor.

Phil Campbell, general manager of Mainstay Suites and president of Pigeon Forge Hospitality Association says that members of his group are split on the matter.

"Time will tell, because it's up to the voters," Campbell said. "And that's the way it should be."

Some people told 10News they are not on board for liquor by the drink.

"I am against it; this area here is our Bible Belt, we are against it on account of our religion or at least I am on my part," said Pigeon Forge resident Sue Ward.

Pigeon Forge isn't the only city in East Tennessee considering a liquor vote. Winfield, Huntsville, Rogersville, Etowah, Churchill, and Madisonville are considering it too.

According to the Monroe County Elections Commission, Madisonville already has the ability to have liquor package sales; the vote would therefore affect any restaurants or bars inside city limits with at least 40 seats.

Sweetwater also passed liquor by the drink two years ago, according to the Monroe County Elections Commission. But they do not have any facilities that qualify for liquor by the drink.

"I think it's just time for it. The surrounding counties are getting it and I think if people are old enough or responsible enough they can have a drink in a bar if they want," said Madisonville resident Jasmine Madden.

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