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Pit bull owners protest proposed law banning breed | Health

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Pit bull owners protest proposed law banning breed
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Pit bull owners protest proposed law banning breed

Dozens of pit bulls and their owners met for a march of support Friday night in Etowah.

They're hoping to put their 'best paw forward' with the community as city leaders consider banning the breed.

The proposed law would ban all pit bull breeds and majority pit bull mixes from city limits.

The proposal does include a grandfather clause that would allow people who already own the dogs to keep their pets with certain conditions.

Under the ordinance, current owners will be allowed to keep their dogs. But those owners will be required to register their dog with the city, muzzle them when out in public, keep them confined indoors or in a locked pin, and must post a "beware of dog" sign on their property. Offspring born of registered pit bulls will be removed, according to the ordinance.

The city commission passed the first reading of the ordinance unanimously on September 27th. The ordinance would take the approval of a second reading to become law.

But pit bull promoters in Etowah say the real problem is that while every dog deserves a home, not every human deserves a dog.


"We're just trying to promote education," said Cooper. "Basically it's the way you treat your dog. You raise your dog in a loving home, you're going to have a loving dog.

Organizer Sherri Cooper says they want city commissioners to reach out to responsible pit bull owners before making any decisions.

She says there are already leash and dog licensing laws in place that could help set people's mind at ease if they were better enforced.

The group 'Stop the Ban' plans to attend the Monday Etowah City Council meeting when they plan to take up a second reading of the proposed law.



Health, News, Pets

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