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Dog found shot in face; owners reclaim the pet | News

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Dog found shot in face; owners reclaim the pet

The owners of a dog found shot in the face Monday night came forward Tuesday
afternoon, but the veterinarian who's been treating the dog said the owners
have no idea what happened.

Dr. Erin Dols with McMinn Regional Humane Society said the owners told
her the dog wandered out of the yard and that's all they know.

Dr. Dols and her husband found the dog. She said, "My husband and I
were in our yard last night and saw an injured dog start wandering across our horse
pasture. I quickly noticed that he was injured so I ran down there to see if I
could help him and saw that he'd been shot in the face."

Dr. Dols said currently the dog can't see as both of its eyes are swollen
and bruised. Dr. Dols also said she pulled pellet pieces from the dog's ears
and forehead.

She said, "I was initially frustrated that anybody would treat a living
creature like this. That they felt it was necessary to shoot a little 35 pound

The dog however, is a fighter and Dr. Dols expects it to make a remarkable

"Aside from the bad haircut I gave him, he'll be recovered probably
within the next few weeks. He's a pretty sweet dog even after what he's gone
through. He's a pretty lucky little dog. It could have been much worse,"
Dr. Dols said.

Dr. Dols also said the dog's owners have agreed to pay for all of its
medical treatment.

Several people reached out wanting to adopt the dog, but Dr. Dols is now
encouraging those people to adopt from their local animal shelter now that the
owners have reclaimed the pet.


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