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Halloween Cookie Cake

Halloween Cookie Cake


Value Sized Chocolate chip cookie dough

1 block cream cheese

1/2 cup Nutella

Candy Corn


Chocolate Chips



Press the cookie dough into a 10 inch round cake pan and bake at 350 degrees for 22 minutes. Cream together the cream cheese and Nutella. Spread Nutella mixture on cooked cookie cake. Layer outer edge with candy corn, then circle in marshmallows, then pecans, then chocolate chips.


How are you getting in the Halloween spirit this year?

How are you getting in the Halloween spirit this year?

October is finally here, so are you getting your home in the Halloween spirit?  

We would love to see & share your SPOOKTACULAR decorations, creepy crafts, and homemade costumes! Just e-mail them to WhereYouLive@wbir.com.  Don't forget to tell us where you live!


Potholders don't have to be square

Potholders don't have to be square

An East Tennessee woman takes sewing to heart in the shape of potholders.

When Dee Bowes started making potholders she quickly decided on an unconventional shape.

"Squares really have no shape at all. Hearts are a lot better and people can relate to those," she said.

She relates to heart shaped potholders and quickly found a market for them. She set up a facebook page and sells them at shops in Tellico Plains.