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Crews extinguish fire at Vonore plant

(WBIR-Vonore) Firefighters were able to extinguish a fire at a Monroe County plant.

An officer noticed smoke billowing from the Pro Tech Finishing plant in Vonore early Monday morning and called police at about 12:30 a.m.

Several fire departments responded the plant on Tellico Port Road and were able to put the fire out.

In June, another building owned by Pro Tech caught on fire.

Recall: Chefmate tea kettle poses burn hazard

More than 700,000 tea kettles are being recalled because they pose a "burn hazard" to consumers.

The "Chefmate" two-quart tea kettles were sold in "Target" stores and on Target.com from January 2006 through this past May.

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission says steam can travel up the handle, or water can spill from the spout, posing a burn hazard to the consumer. In addition, the leaking steam can cause the kettle to fail to whistle. If water completely evaporates from the kettle, the aluminum bottom can melt onto the stove and pose a burn hazard.

Monday Forecast: More rain moving in

(WBIR - Knoxville, TN) After a soggy Sunday, East Tennessee is set to see more rain Monday.

Here's Meteorologist Mike Witcher with your complete forecast.

New Sweetwater Walmart opens next week

(WBIR-Sweetwater) The new Walmart in Sweetwater will open on September 11, after a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 7:30 am.

A new police cruiser for Sweetwater: a Ford F-150

If you see a pick up truck with blue flashing lights and the words "Sweetwater Police," it's not a hoax -- that is a police cruiser.

"People don't recognize us, this police car, until they pass by, or they're coming by me and I hit the lights. Then they know it's a police vehicle," Sweetwater Police sergeant John Brewster said, showing off his new company car of sorts, a 2013 Ford F-150.

Update: Tellico Plains principal responds to tossed band trophies


Tellico Plain High School principal Russell Harris returned 10News call Tuesday afternoon. He said he takes full responsibility for the trophy incident, and would like to apologize for what happened.

Harris said he is thankful somebody retrieved the awards, and the school will now install a shelf to display the school trophies.

He said individual awards will likely be returned to students who wish to keep them.

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Hay fire closes part of Highway 411 temporarily

(WBIR - Madisonville) A trailer full of hay bales caught on fire Monday evening, forcing crews to temporarily block off part of Highway 411.

It happened in Madisonville around 6 p.m. Fire Chief John Tallent said there were 15-18 round bales on the trailer.

Chief Tallent wasn't sure how the hay caught fire. He says it was likely the results of heat and friction on the road, or even a flicked cigarette.

Crews had to take apart and hose down each bale of hay.